I’m Off

After spending the greater parts of the last couple of days learning about CSS script and cutting and pasting code I have managed to get my blog transferred over to my domain all in good order.  You may find it here.

Additionally, hosting the blog at my own domain enables me to customize the blog template I have been using so the appearance may change over time.

Be sure to change your bookmark, unless, that is, you’re happy to be rid of me.  I will be learning how to put together web pages and posting them as I go.

Saturday morning, early, I am off on my non-stop flight to  a month in Playa Baracoa.  I will be taking video and hope to post video reports.

Hasta la vitoria siempre



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7 responses to “I’m Off

  1. Jackie

    Your blog is a delightful find for this soon-to-be-gringa. I’m glad to have your raw input, i.e., “real”, instead of the usual “We walk in the zocolo and smell the flowers daily” bullshit.
    Those of us thinking of moving to Mexico need the facts – such as your article on the IMSS card.
    I look forward to reading more.

  2. You Know Me


    How nice of you to stop by and for entering your comment. Thanks for you very kind words.

    I’ve had this rant percolating in me for the last few months relative to the bigoted manner in which some expatriates here consider Mexicans.

    Stay tuned, though my rant will be entered in my blog at my new domain. http://expatriateruminations.com/Blog/

  3. Dee Brown

    Hi there – thanks for sharing your site/pics/info with those of us who are contemplating the long trip down. I totally enjoy your excursions and day to day events as you relate them. By the way, don’t worry about editing. I can tell you that writers cannot edit and editors cannot write. That is the way it is and was and always has been and always will be. Don’t fret it….just keep up your good work.
    I have a question that is bugging me to death. I also love to garden and am wondering just why you would have to buy soil there.
    If and when I am able to move to Mexico I will for sure want a place for garden and flowers. I will look for a small town somewhere outside a larger town like Xalapa.
    I know you are having almost daily rain now and that sounds heavenly. It is very dry in the southwest. Would love to have some of that rain.
    BTW I like your little truck.

  4. You Know Me

    Welcome Dee, and thanks for your very kind words.

    As to the question bugging you, folks in Merida buy soil as the Yucatan is just about one big Limestone rock. The soil there is very thin, very rocky, very poor, and there are gigantic, immovable rocks at or near the surface in most places. So folks build raised beds or use containers. I bought soil in Merida to fill containers in which I started gardening while developing a real garden.

    Here in Xalapa lots of houses, particularly in the Centro area do not have space for gardens so many folks garden in containers, many on roof tops.

    Good luck.

  5. Tim

    Looking good, Chris. ;)

  6. Great blog! I enjoy reading your posts and find them amusing as well as informative. As I travel to Mexico quite often to be with my fiancee, I hope to one day make it my home also.

  7. You Know Me

    Hey Chuck,

    I am glad to hear you find my rantings useful.

    I really like it here. I was just speaking yesterday to a group of three young Jehovah Witnesses, one of whom I had met some months ago, a young woman who tried to recruit me. I told her at the onset of our discussion that I was a bad prospect and didn’t want her to waste her time.

    At any rate, yesterday she wanted to give me a JW publication entitled “Keep on the Watch” and commented on how is seemed to her that the USA is a more dangerous place than is Mexico.

    I told her of the differences in USA and Mexican airport security measures and that I feel more at liberty here than in the USA.

    Good luck.

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