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My Homemade Double Biquad Antenna

As I have mentioned I have become interested in antennas with which to received WiFi signals. A while back I posted a photo of my kitchen sieve antenna that slightly improved my reception of the signal from my apartment building owner’s wireless internet router three floors above my apartment.biquad-front.jpg

A few days ago I mentioned that I had decided to build a Double Biquad antenna and that I had been scouring the City for some copper sheet to serves as an antenna reflector. I was inspired in my antenna plans by the information on this web page and this page.

Alas, I have failed in my search for sheet copper and have had to settle for an aluminum kitchen pan for a reflector, despite the corrosion problems associated with joining aluminum and copper.

biquad-element.jpgI drilled a hole in the center of the pan and inserted a 1/2″ male copper plumbing fitting, which I soldered to the pan. Inserted in the male plumbing fitting is a short length of copper pipe to which I will solder the “biquad” element as soon as I receive the coaxial cable I ordered.

At the rear of the pan I will attach a female 1/2″ copper plumbing fitting, to which I will attach a yet to be designed system for attaching the antenna to some structure on the roof, assuming that my landlord doesn’t object. Having shown him my kitchen sieve antenna, I’m sure he believes, correctly I admit, that I am a bitantenna-back.jpg of a whacko.

Further reports and photos will follow.



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My Homemade WiFi Antenna

wifiantenna.jpgI know I’m supposed to be writing up reports of my visit to Guanajuato, but I just couldn’t resist posting this.

My landlord recently installed wireless internet service through Telmex (my current service is through MegaCable) but neither of my laptops have been able to detect the network. Consequently I have been doing a bit of internet research on extending the reach of my laptops WiFi antennas.

I ran across a plan for this home made antenna and put it together in about five minutes. I am now able to detect the apartment building network. The antenna consists of a USB WiFi antenna mounted in the center of a six inch kitchen sieve and connected through a USB cable to the laptop. I plan to try a larger sieve as the six inch model is very particular as to its placement.

The USB WiFi dongle was $400 pesos, the sieve $6.60 pesos, and the cable $85. pesos. So the whole set up was about $45. USA.


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