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You’re So Right Chronicles – Part III

UPDATE: Since You’re So Right has indicated that his chronicles make themselves up and flow unexpectantly from the ether into his consciousness, I have created a
You’re So Right Chronicles page which one may access by clicking on You’re So Right Chronicles just above the header photo.  Unfortunately, at this point, I must post the Chronicles in one text box.

Yesterday I rented server space from a web hosting company and will be moving things to my own domain, as soon as I figure out how.   I’ll keep you five informed.

You’re So Right

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    Part III – Avian Passion Aside: No Means No

    “You, sir, are an anachronism. A stereotype. A figment of someone else’s imagination.”

    With real satisfaction I noted that, like clockwork, the mood change had come just as he drained his second box of Cabernet Classique. He wiped his chin with a tamale husk and turned to consider me more closely. This only redoubled my concentration on a point beyond the horizon.

    “You would be intensely annoying, if it were not for the fact that you don’t exist.” In leaning over to jab my chest with this thumb he kicked the shoeshine boy in the nose. The pathetic figure continued to buff while trying to stanch the flow from a nostril with a polish applicator. My companion tossed a coin in the street and pushed him roughly away. “That’s enough, get lost.”

    He was winding up for a four-alarm rant. I could scarcely conceal my delight. We had been at our usual table on the plaza for most of the afternoon. He had had me shift my chair several times to position my blistered pate between him and the sun and now it was beginning to drop behind the tiled rooftop of the Hotel Central.

    “I suppose it was the pigeon remark that brought this on.” I had to tread lightly, no sense goading him into using the ring.

    “I suppose it was the pigeon remark that brought this on.” He twisted his face into a nasty grimace and raised his voice to a squeal as he did a horrid impersonation of my newly acquired speech impediment. He belched loudly and called for another large box of red wine. “And I want it fresh. None of that old stuff.” He shouted after the retreating waiter.

    “I simply said that the males seem unusually aggressive. In light of the fact that the females are clearly not interested. They should take the hint.”

    “They should take the hint.” Again with the voice.

    “These are not your effete, politically correct, ‘By your leave, missy’ gringo birds!” I tried to imagine the smell of Listerine and failed.

    “These are unspoiled, hot-blooded, revolutionary LATIN pigeons. They see what they want and they take it! They part the feathers and have at it. Your pathetic rules of permissible behavior don’t apply here, Heloise!”

    “No need to get so upset. I only meant that in a civilized, sophisticated, democratic society…”

    “Oh? And where might that be?” You’re referring of course to that little banana republic just north of the border?” He cleared the table with broad sweep of his arm, held the wine over his head and made like a shopvac straight from the spigot.

    “That little republic, for all its shortcomings, is based on the rule of law…”

    “The law! That’s rich! You mean like the ‘law’ in Guantanamo? The Bay of Pigs ‘law’? The ‘law’ that contracted the Kennedy assassination? The ‘law’…

    “Oh, please. Not that Kennedy thing again.” This was going beautifully.

    “Yes, that Kennedy thing again. Do you deny that Kennedy was assassinated by Texas oil businesspersons concerned that he planned to end the Oil Depletion Allowance because he was acting to deneuter the Federal System, through issuance of Executive Order 11110?”

    “OK. So you have a problem with the current administration. The system is designed to deal with that. Checks and balances. How about some of the Democratic candidates? How about Hilary?”

    “Hilary? Don’t make me laugh. Hilary Clinton has gone through so many contortions trying to explain away her vote to authorize Bush’s Iraqi adventure and enunciate her current positions on the war I’m surprised she’s not in permanent traction. She will pander to just about any constituency to fulfill her desire to be president. Which in my book, qualifies her for immediate disqualification.”

    I resumed my serene consideration of the horizon.

    “Bahhhh. To hell with you. I gotta shit.” He threw up his hands in exasperation and started for the facilities. I glanced at the clock on the tower of the Bacilica Paris Hiltona Cathedral and noted it was exactly 5:19 pm. Say what you will about the man, he’s as regular as an atomic clock. Must be all that fresh fruit.

    The entire cantina staff arose and hustled to assist with robes and headdress as their benefactor shambled toward the WC, beads rattling, feathers wafting. My chance had come at last.

    Next Installment
    Part IV – The Condi Man Can



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In Case You’ve Missed Them

In case any of my five readers have missed the chronicles of “You’re So Right”, the master of Iconoflatulence, here are Parts I and II. I am eagerly awaiting Part III.

You’re So Right

Part I: I Can’t Place the Face, but the Odor is Familiar

As the shards of my shattered consciousness began to reassemble themselves, against my better judgment, like astigmatic quilt-makers on crack, I realized that it was pronounced “ha” as in hah not “ixla” as in Xalapa.

My vision cleared in brief bursts. Slowly, like one of those fifties movies where they played with the focus of the camera to simulate…well, someone’s vision clearing in brief bursts. When I finally came to, I really wished I hadn’t. Before me, squinting through clouds of acrid tobacco smoke at a wheezing laptop, muttering and chuckling as he hunted and pecked, sat a vision from hell. Not just any hell but a really bad hell, like living in the suburbs of a major American city . Or maybe having to sit through 24 hours of C-Span. Bad hell.

Hunt, peck. Peck, mutter, hunt. “Welcome back, sailor.”

With what, I am proud to say, considerable clinical detachment, I did a quick visual assessment of the abomination before me. Small, thin, dark as Cuban maduro with stringy matted hair the color of, say, the bilge from some steamer in Vera Cruz harbor. Arms like armadillos, feet covered in patent leather penny loafers. Awful. But the head. The head. So strangely distended under the massive pressure of a large granite boulder held in place by hemp and burlap. Sloping quickly back from the wrinkled forehead to form a shelf over the grizzled neck.

“I said welcome back, Kitty.” I realized he was talking to me.

“Where am I? Shit!” This is what I would like to have said. But, since I was incapable of speech just then, what I actually whined was “Whffffffarrach! Shisssht!”

I was unable to localize the pain with any certainty. It was mostly between my shoulders and my scalp, I knew that. It was like driving a 1972 Volkswagen behind a truck hauling sheep manure up a hill. You can’t go around it and you can’t stand the smell. Eventually, I realized that something had gone really wrong with my teeth.

“What’s the matter, not feeling so great?” The horrific demon before me continued hunched over the computer and distractedly worked at his left nostril with a mini-whisk, clearly vexed with some elusive turn of phrase on the screen before him.

“Whachadotobe?, you sonabamick!” I moaned.

“Oh, not much. Just a little pre-Columbian dental work. Thought I’d take care of it while you were still in dreamland.” He pulled luxuriously at his pulpy roach as the blue of the monitor reflected off his filthy, holographic My-Little-Pony shades. “Want to have a look?” I detected more than a little pride in his remark.

He lifted a hand mirror and held it before my face, tilting and zooming until he was sure I could see myself clearly. “Go ahead, say ahhhh.”

I barely recognized my own visage. My hairline, which I had always considered one of my best features, had somehow receded to about mid-crown; the sixties surfer bob replaced by a series of short tufts. Pig-tails actually; densely knotted and slathered with a tarry substance which held them a various angles away from my head. My face was bright red. Ape’s-ass red, except in the rivulets of dried tears which revealed the pallid skin beneath.

With great care, I drew my lips back from my throbbing choppers. I gazed in horror at the intricately chiseled and perforated designs that covered the formerly off-white glories with which my sainted parents had worked so hard to provide me. Each incisor was now adorned with three vertical grooves bordered by a sort of crescent moon chipped out along the midline; the designs on one side perfectly symmetrical with those on the opposite side of my mouth. Festooned as they were with tiny constellations of holes and imbedded chips of semi-precious stones, I couldn’t help but admire the artistry on some depraved level.

“What the thuck?” This last accompanied by a convulsive wince and fresh torrents of tears brought on instantly by the pressure of front teeth against lower lip. “Whath have you done to be, you badman!”

“Mad?” He snapped his head back so quickly that he slightly lost his footing, balancing as he was some 60 or 80 pounds of stone on his scrawny neck. “Mad you say?”

Whether it was the cackle of fetid laughter fouling what remained of the breathable air in that dank space, or the crude bludgeon brought down sharply on my stubbled pate, I know not, but the resultant return to incoherence was welcome beyond words. As I slipped into that satiny abyss, I realized that I was in the presence the very person I had come so many miles and spent so many years in search of. Once again the Shepherd of Satsop was within my grasp!

Next Installment
Part II – Do These Shackles Make Me Look Fat?

You’re So Right Part II – Do These Shackles Make Me Look Fat?

“OK, Let’s try this again. Muy rrrrrobusto, RRRRRRoberto!”

“Muy robusto, Roberto. ARGGGGGH!” The sensation was a lot like having one’s small intestines fed into a blender straight through the abdominal wall. As with all the times before, I had to look down and confirm, to my amazement, that there was nothing attached to or boring into my wretched gut.

“I don’t think you are really trying, you Gringo swine.” He reached once again for his Teletubbies ring.

“No, no. Please! I can do it.” He eased his hand away from the ring and gazed down at the notes before him on the podium. There was no way I could do it.

“RRRRRamon! Que pasa, hombrrrre?”

“Ramon, que…..ARGGGGH!”

“You imbecile! Where did you learn to speak Spanish, the phone directory?” His eyes were bulging so far out of his head they smudged the back of his glasses. “You’ve got to roll your R’s. RRRRRRRRoll your R’s!” The viscous spittle against my forehead sounded like hail on the roof of a ’57 Chevy.

“I don’t speak Spanish.”

“You certainly fucking don’t!” He took off the mortarboard, shuffled back over to the couch and fell into its fetid recesses. With childlike joy, I realized that today’s session was over.

As he lit up another dark dogend he glared at me in utter exasperation. “How in the name of all that is holy do you expect to be ready at this rate? Your coming out is just a few days away. You are going to ruin everything!”

“I…I’m sorry. Can we try German?” Big mistake.

“German? Did you say German, you pea-brained frat boy?” He reached for his pinky.

When I came around again he seemed to have regained his composure somewhat. “Ausgeseitnicht! Sie sind jetzt hier. Wie gehts?”

“Good, thanks. Sorry about the German remark. I’m just not myself, I suppose.” I attempted a smile through my cracked and bloody lips. “That’s an interesting trick. How do you do that?”, nodding toward his hand.

“Oh this little thing?” He held out his mottled ham and smiled coquettishly as he cocked his head to each side and admired the ring like a newly betrothed farm girl.

“Just something I worked out in my spare time. In case I had surprise guests. A little nanotechnology for the tum-tum. You swallowed it with that hamburger helper at lunch a few days ago. Works great don’t you think?”

“Absolutely. Feels like I’ve got a roto-rooter in my guts. “

“Just what I’d hoped. Here, check it out.” He swiveled the laptop around so that I could look over his shoulder as he clicked through the diagrams and spec sheets. As near as I could gather, the thing, which looked a little like a miniature molly-bolt, was designed to lodge itself into the lining of the small intestine where, upon activation from the remote control, it would continue to drill and tear its way through the digestive system. Talk about Montezuma’s revenge.

“How long ‘til I shit it out?”

“I’m not exactly sure, weeks…months. You’re the first, you see. Look upon it as your little contribution to science.”

“This is truly flattering. All to motivate me to learn Spanish. Sort of gives new meaning to the term ‘total immersion’.”

He had to grab the sides of the stones to support the head-shaping machine as he exploded into paroxysms of laughter. Stomping the floor, he rocked uncontrollably as his howls were gradually replaced with gasping for air. When the coughing had stopped, he regarded me with a sidelong glance and what I thought was a possibly a glimmer of respect…or was it some new recalculation of how much more it would take?

“That’s very droll. Very good. Did they teach you that at the academy?”

“Academy? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I would have shit myself if that were possible in my condition.

“Very well. Have your little games. Ready to get back to work?” He crushed out the roach on the back of my hand. The duct tape might as well have been monel metal.

“If we must. Mind if I ask you a question?”

“Not at all, fire away.”

“Are you planning to kill me?”

He turned to face me and raised his arms slowly in a gesture of evangelical sincerity. Out of the corner of my eye, I might have seen something scuttle across the room. “Kitty, you cut me to the cuticle.”

“In seven days, you and I will sitting at a table on El Gastrointerologico Square sipping a cold Bohemian and watching the pigeons mate. This I promise you.”

“Now try this: Rrrrrrruiz, mi amigo! Dos Tequila, Porrrrrrrrrrrrrrfavor!”

Next Installment
Part III – Avian Passion Aside: No Means No


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Straussian Psychopaths

Raw Story reports that same group of hubris-ridden Straussian “intellectuals” which launched their ideologically driven Iraqi adventure, and funded al Queda and other Jihadists groups fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan, during the Reagan and Bush I administrations also facilitated the Pakistani development of nuclear weapons.

These folks are anxious to go to war with Iran over it purported nuclear aspirations but say nothing of Pakistan, Israel, or India, none of which are signatories to the Non-proliferation Treaty.

Despite their consistent failures, these psychopaths, who inexplicably are roundly considered to be smart people, have spent more than 25 years persisting in their neo-Wilsonian adventures; and have succeeded only in creating a much more dangerous world.

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Obama Campaign Rhetoric

“In today’s globalized world, the security of the American people is inextricably linked to the security of all people. When narco-trafficking and corruption threaten democracy in Latin America, it’s America’s problem too. . .”

So exclaimed Barack Obama in a recent “foreign policy” address, necessitated in his presidential campaign, I think, by the persistent media criticism that Obama lacks foreign policy experience.

Aside from the fact that such media criticism is nothing more than obedient stenographic reproduction of Obama’s opponents’ talking points, and that only one of our last five presidents had any foreign policy experience entering office, Obama is wrong.

Obama is correct that “narco-trafficking and corruption threaten democracy in Latin America” and it is the USA prohibition of illegal drugs that enables the black market within which the narco-traffickers operate.  It is the USA drug policy and appetite for drugs that lies at the root of the narco-trafficking”. 

Legalize drugs and the narco-traffickers would be out of business almost instantly, as would the corruption inevitably associated with drug wars.  I presume that Obama, like most other politicians, understand this fact but lack the political courage to say so.

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A Metaphysical Rumination

The other day I was talking to a gringo neighbor and at one point, though I don’t recall what elicited the subject, he asked me if I believed in the concept of reincarnation.

My answer was that all things in the universe are composed of essentially two elements, matter and energy. The human body is, thus, composed of matter and energy. Relative to our energy component, the first law of thermodynamics holds that energy can neither be created nor destroyed but may change form (i.e. heat to electrical energy).

It seems plausible to me, I continued in my metaphysical rumination, that the material body is the generator of the energy necessary to fuel the mind; that is, to provide the electricity, through the metabolic process, that fires through the synapses from neuron to neuron in a process that enables mental functions. Without the body the mind could not be; likewise, without the mind to instruct fuel intake the body would cease to be.

It also seems plausible that what is called the mind consists of all the information received over a life time (such as thoughts, memories, and emotions) encoded, judiciously edited, stored in or on, and retrieved from, subatomic particles somewhere in the brain, or within the electromagnetic pulses resulting from particle interactions. For if our thoughts, memories, and emotions were material entities, wouldn’t a brain continually increase in size over a lifetime as it incorporates more and more information?

When we die, I continued, the matter component of us composts while our energy is released in the form of heat to float about the atmosphere changing form, perhaps repeatedly for millennia upon millennia, and some is perhaps incorporated into a new life.

It seems to me that with the energy released upon a death goes all of the information amassed over the erstwhile lifetime and when the energy possessed by a former life is incorporated into a new life a portion of that information is included.

Thus, I speculate, explains the concept of collective memory and the feelings that some folks have that they have lived a former life.

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Paul Wolfowitz

If you’re interested, here’s a good piece from the Cornell Alumni Magazine on Wolfowitz’s formative years in Ithaca and at the Telluride Association residence at Cornell, where Leo Strauss acolyte Allan Bloom daily held court for “his ideal ‘blank slates’–gifted but unformed minds for whom ‘the works of the great writers could be the bright sunlit uplands where they could find the outside, the authentic liberation. . . .'”

Given his recently revealed boneheaded acts of using public money to feather his girlfriend’s financial nest, Wolfowitz, it seems to me, is an example of a person who is not nearly as smart as he is roundly considered to be.

There is a clear difference, I think, between being an eager student and being intelligent.

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Canadian Immigration Officials Rely On Wikipedia Entry To Detain Scholar

The ability of anyone to modify a Wikipedia entry can prove dangerous when relied upon by an ignorant immigration official unaware that Wikipedia information is often unreliable.

The following was taken from Middle East scholar Juan Cole’s excellent blog  “Informed Comment”.

The Circle Closes In: A shameful campaign

By Taner Akçam

For many who challenge their government’s official version of events, slander, e-mailed threats, and other forms of harassment are all too familiar. As a former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience in Turkey, I should not have been surprised. But my recent detention at the Montreal airport—apparently on the basis of anonymous insertions in my Wikipedia biography—signals a disturbing new phase in a Turkish campaign of intimidation that has intensified since the November 2006 publication of my book, A Shameful Act: The Armenian Genocide and the Question of Turkish Responsibility..


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