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I’m Off

After spending the greater parts of the last couple of days learning about CSS script and cutting and pasting code I have managed to get my blog transferred over to my domain all in good order.  You may find it here.

Additionally, hosting the blog at my own domain enables me to customize the blog template I have been using so the appearance may change over time.

Be sure to change your bookmark, unless, that is, you’re happy to be rid of me.  I will be learning how to put together web pages and posting them as I go.

Saturday morning, early, I am off on my non-stop flight to  a month in Playa Baracoa.  I will be taking video and hope to post video reports.

Hasta la vitoria siempre



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Cheny/Bush Torturers Used “Evil Empire” Techniques

Think Progress reports on a Pentagon Inspector General’s report that indicates the torture techniques used at Guantanamo and in Iraq were those the Pentagon believed to be  techniques used by the erstwhile Soviet Union.

No wonder the Cheney administration refused to have the “land of the free, home of the brave” sign on to the treaty creating the International Criminal Court.   Perhaps Nuremberg will host a new round of war crimes trials.

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Spectacular Thunder Storm

We are having a spectacular thunder storm here this afternoon (it is about 4:25), which so far has included the loudest thunderclap I have ever experienced.   It shook me.

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I Have Returned

I  returned this morning at about 2:00 from my trip to the enchanting city of Guanajuato, during which I became reacquainted with a sister-in-law I have not seen in twenty five years and my very well grounded niece I’ve not seen in ten.

I will be posting pictures and commentary over the next couple of days.

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Off To Guanajuato

A week or so ago I was contacted by a former sister-in-law, whom I have not seen in twenty five or more years, who indicated she and my niece would be in Guanajuato this coming week and asked if I wished to rendezvous with them.

I jumped at the invitation as Guanajuato is reportedly one of those must visit places in Mexico. So tomorrow night I am off on a bus to Mexico City and Monday morning will bus to Guanajuato.

I hope to also visit Dolores Hidalgo, from where, in 1810, Father Miguel Hidalgo rallied the populace to revolt and which is today famous for its Talavera ceramics.

I am taking my equipment and will try to post photos and reports.


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A Propitious Occurrence

I have commented here more than once how very fortunate I think I have been in my life. I have generally taken a go with the flow approach to life, going with my instincts as it were. When I have decided upon a particular matter, buying property for instance, I have taken the approach that “all things come to those who wait” and eventually a propitious opportunity has presented itself.

I was fortunate enough to have bought a piece of property in my early twenties, the sale of which thirty years later enabled me to give up on the work-a-day world in my mid-fifties. Additionally I pretty much fell into a career that during the last ten years or so of which paid me lucratively.

To get to the point. A few days ago I reported on my trip to look at the Ranchito Coyolopan, not too far outside of Teocelo. I reported that I was taken to view the ranchito by a Coatepec architect and his real estate broker partner, that the ranchito is an entirely enchanting property, and that the day was completely pleasant. I also reported that, as I was informed by the architect, the place could be had for about $50,000. USA dollars, actually $555,000. Mexican pesos.

I had pretty much given up on the idea of purchasing the property, given the combination of the price, the fact it is accessed a few kilometers up a very rough road, and there is no internet service. And so I informed the architect.

This evening, however, I received a call from a woman who speaks English very well and who identified herself as Lorena. She explained she was friends with Luis and Betty, the owners of the ranchito with whom I had left my phone number, and that they had asked her to call me. Lorena explained that Luis and Betty were concerned that perhaps the architect had given me incorrect information about the ownership of the property and the asking price. As it turns out, their concern was well founded as they are asking only $450,000. pesos and would likely accept $400,000.

She also explained that Luis and Betty had taken a liking to me and felt that I would be a good owner of the property into which they have obviously put so many years of their love and hard work. Lorena also indicated that, if I was interested, I could deal directly with Luis and Betty.

I had a very pleasant conversation with Lorena and told her that I would call her after considering the matter. I also asked if she thought that Luis and Betty might be interested in continuing to live on the property if I were to buy it, as I think it would be good to have someone there when leave on a trip. She said she would ask them.

So, at this point I have taken Lorena’s call as one of those signs I have heeded throughout my life, in this case that I should probably buy the ranchito. Doing so would mean moving to a beautiful little pueblo, immersion into a more indigenous culture than exists here in Xalapa, and life on an completely enchanting three hectare property at the base of Cofe de Perote with lots of water, wonderfully fertile earth, and a lifetime supply of firewood.

I will, of course, report on my ultimate decision.


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A Visitor


I spotted this visitor crawling across my living room floor last evening.


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