I took this photo of sunset over the Adriatic while sitting at an outdoor table at a restaurant on the island of Korcula just off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia. As was eating my meal of spaghetti fruti del mar and sipping local red wine a number local cats sat at my feet hoping for a handout.

If you’re planning a trip to Europe do yourself a favor and visit the Dalmatian coast, particularly Korcula and Dubrovnik.

Korcula Sunset

This huge statue of a a locally revered bishop is in Split, Croatia which is North of Korcula on the Dalmatian coast. Folks passing by rub the big toe of one foot for good luck. All the rubbing keeps the big toe shining bright while the rest of the statue exhibits the patina characteristic of weathered bronze.


This whale surfaced for a breath just as we were launching a row boat into Puget Sound one April, and scared the crap out of us. We rowed around following it for a couple of hours as it descended to feed and surfaced to breath.


I came upon this group of Cuban school children, bouncing on a tree branch, as I was ascending a mountainside in Pinar del Rio to visit a home of one of Los Acuáticos, whose mountain community is accessible only on foot or horseback. Los Acuáticos believe the mountain water in their community possesses curative properties, bath in the water multiple times each day, and dry themselves in the mountain air.

Kids on Branch

This is a view of a couple of the Los Acuáticos mountainside homes.

Los Acuáticos

Near the town of Soroa, in the midst of a UNESCO designated Biosphere Preserve, is a garden that exhibits something like seven hundred types of orchids. Development of the garden was bgun by a fellow, around his home, in the 1940s.


The mountainous, Western province of Pinar del Rio is one of the most beautiful areas of Cuba. The photo below shows a Magote that served as a column within a vast underground cave system through which flowed underground rivers. Ultimately the roofs of the caves collapsed, thus Magotes.

Even today the limestone of Western Cuba is laced with caves and underground rivers, through some of which boat tours are provided.



5 responses to “Photos

  1. Ross

    Great photos! Made me want to go to Cuba. The statue of John Lennon is so incredible that it’s almost creepy, real. I haven’t had a chance to read anything on your blog due to exhaustion, but will return shortly…


  2. Ross,

    Thanks for checking in and the kind words. I’m glad you like the photos. I really need to add more.

    The Cuban government has been very supportive of artists, many of whom lived relatively privileged lives.

  3. BigJ

    Chris the pictures of your travels are great. After talking with Dan M. I found your blogspot. It looks like all is well. I am working from home this morning and holding our 4 month old son. He is tall like his daddy. All of our oak and walnut trees are in full bloom and seem to be enjoying the past 4 years on our property. We’ll talk soon!

  4. BigJ,

    Congratulations on the birth of your son. Steph had told me that you guys were expecting.

    I’m glad you like the photos and that your trees are all doing well.

    Take care and give my best to N.

  5. I love your site! :)

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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